Peigan Crowlodge Elder Society

Located at Mary Ann McDougall Memorial Elder Centre
Phone: (403)965-3147 Fax: 403-965-2626
  • To promote and provide programs and activities for the mental and social well being of Piikani Elders.

  • To advocate, advise, and consult in languagem history, and cultural learning.

  • To act as advisors, consultants, or mentors to Piikani community members, especially the youth.

  • To promote unity within our community

  • To support community initiatives within the community but not to do the work for them. We are retired and will work only on a supportive role.

  • Elders dont not interfere with existing policies and procedures with governance, departments, and other organizations except when requested upon. 

Our Mandate



Elders weekly meeting


Elders weekly meeting


To advocate, promote, and suppoirt Piikani initiative that

re-enforce our traditional ways and bring the community together.



To promote a unique and united Piikani experience founded on community based spiritual and cultural values.


New Location

Due to increase in membership and activities, Peigan Crowlodge Elders Society is now housed at Piikani Resource Development Building under the new name "Mary Ann McDougall Memorial Elder Centre" in tribute to the founder of the Peigan Elders Organization.