Our Staff

 Housing Manager 

Dale Murphy


Co-project coordinator

sarah Frank

administrative assistant

Justice Smith



Colemen Daniels 

Piikani Housing Authority


PO Box 70 Brocket, AB T0K 0H0

Phone: 587-788-0719

Fax: 587-788-0717


Working with the community to improve living conditions for nation members.


The Piikani Nation Housing Authority would like to thank those individuals that are working cooperatively with the nation by ensuring they are following their rent/house agreements and making payments, together the Housing Authority and these Nation members are working towards improving living conditions across the nation. 


Piikani like other First Nation communities across the country face a housing crisis, this stems from a variety of factors including members who do not adhere to the rent/house agreements made with the nation.  The Acting supervisor is working with membership to create proactive housing solutions to alleviate issues that adversely affect the nation.